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    Medea”, 1868, William Wetmore Story.

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    Saturn floats. Our Country and Its Resources. 1917.

    "Saturn, the lightest of the planets in proportion to its size, would float in water (if there were an ocean big enough to hold it!)"

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  5. me n bae

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  7. #dead

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    2 years later still the dumbest shit i ever seen


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  10. A semblance of the old days. #burchett #pencil #ink (at mass ave tattoo)

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    "jeux de mains"

    Hand Study for artists

    Photographer: Jean-Louis Igout (1837-1882)

    Albumen print,

    France, 1875

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  15. This all seeing eye that sees #hiddenhand #blackswallow #holographic #pokemon (at mass ave tattoo)